The association of producers and repairers of rail vehicles

Môťovská 259/11, 960 03 Zvolen, Slovak Republic
Mobile: 0948 004 454
ID: 37827529
VAT: SK2021668968


The production of the member companies is large. The main concern consists of production, repair and modernization of rail vehicles and production of variety of components. We need to name these central production activities:

  1. checkups, repairs, modernizations, redesign of the rail vehicles
  2. repairs and modernizations of the rail vehicles aggregates
  3. production of the new rail vehicle
  4. production of the spare parts for the rail vehicles
  5. production of the component parts and construction systems done according to the documentation provided by the customer
  6. production of the power, control, regulation and recording equipment and accessories.
  7. production of the AC, cooling and ventilation systems.
  8. production of the special bearings.

The technological equipment of the member companies allows the following operations to be performed:

  • production of the aluminum boxes for the rail vehicles
  • welding of the large constructions for the rail vehicles
  • lacquering of all sorts
  • specialized craft works (woodwork, upholstery, glass manufacture…)
  • weighting of the rail vehicles
  • general repairs of the combustion engines and other rail vehicles aggregates
  • testing of the products using destructive and non destructive methods
  • static and dynamic balance
  • rewinding and impregnation of the electric rotating machines
  • production of component parts and constructions using classical (traditional?) technologies

The companies in AVOKOV own all the certificates and rights needed for the production, reconstruction and repair of the rail vehicles within the whole of Europe. We present the most important certificates:

  • Certificates of quality ISO 9001:2008
  • IRIS
  • Authorization for realizing works on the chosen electrical machines
  • Authorization for welding the rail vehicles (DIN 6700-2)
  • Authorization for realizing works for ŽSR (ŽSSK)
  • Authorization for realizing works for ČD and others

Some of the members are allowed to give recognition of certificates for electrical products according to the norms IEC/EN.

The given certificates as well as technological equipment of the member companies allow the association AVOKOV to assure the complete supply of the rail vehicles respecting the European standards.