The association of producers and repairers of rail vehicles

Môťovská 259/11, 960 03 Zvolen, Slovak Republic
Mobile: 0948 004 454
ID: 37827529
VAT: SK2021668968


The association works as a non-profit making organization. The membership is voluntary and each member may leave the association if respecting the given conditions. The supreme body is an assembly of directors led by a chosen representative director. The presidency is rotating; the director is from a leading company of the association which changes every 12 months.

The executive body is the secretariat headed by an executive director whose functions are designated and called off by the assembly of directors.

The main concern of the association is to develop the technical level of the produced, modernized and repaired rail vehicles.

Thanks to the specialization of the separate members, it is possible to build the potential to produce final versions of rail vehicles in Slovakia. Another concern is to get Slovak and international offers in order to maintain and increase employment in various regions. Next, the association wants to support and develop commercial activities heading towards the utilization of capacities of the association members for developing, modernizing, repairing the rail vehicles and similarly other systems for railroads. The association would like to gain more recognition in international markets.

Each company member is economically and commercially independent.  Obtaining the association aims is not an obstacle to proceed with the independent technical and commercial activities while respecting the mutual conditions stated in the establishment contract and the constitutions of the association.